FIS Grade 5 Students Take Initiative to Clean Up School Playground

It all started with a simple observation – too much trash littering the FIS playground. Three boys, Georgios, Graham, and Samar, knew they had to take action. They spent their break time cleaning up the playground and realized that this was a problem that needed a long-term solution.

Their mission began with a single day of cleaning, but they soon realized that they needed more hands on deck. They addressed an assembly on February 15, where they explained their upcoming action. After a meeting with Mr. Slevin, Head of Primary School, their goals were clear and they introduced themselves in assembly as the Playground Cleanup Committee. There, they explained how they will clean up trash and how to help educate anyone who forgets to be responsible. While some of their classmates were not interested, they found a willing helper in Vivaan. Undeterred, the boys continued to collect trash and plan how to raise awareness about the importance of keeping the playground clean.

Every week, they dedicate 40 minutes of their break time on Tuesdays and Thursdays to clean up. Their hard work often limits them to the “Green Hill” section of the playground, but they aspire to create different teams and clean up all areas of the playground.

Their efforts to raise awareness will culminate at the next school assembly, where they plan to showcase the trash they collected to encourage their peers to stop littering. The boys hope to show that their actions can make a difference and that everyone needs to work together to keep the FIS playgrounds clean. When asked how they feel after a clean-up session, Georgios says, “When it’s tidy, I feel happy and good.” Graham adds, “When I realize I have done something, I feel accomplished.” Samar says, “I helped the community by cleaning up the trash.”

These grade 5 boys are an inspiration to us all. They saw a problem and took action to solve it, showing that even small actions can make a big difference. They remind us that we all have a responsibility to keep our environment clean and should take pride in doing our part. Let’s take a cue from their initiative and work together to create a cleaner and more sustainable future for our school community!

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