FIS Student Premiering on Nickelodeon!


Join us in celebrating Tim Trauschke, a Grade 11 FIS student, as he makes his Nickelodeon Deutschland premiere!

Tim has long been interested in performing and has created several short films, participated in theater workshops and a number of school productions. He hopes to make a career in film and television, and has interests in directing as well as acting.

Tim spent several weeks this summer filming Season 5 of the Nickelodeon Deutschland show ‘Spotlight’ (where he was quarantined with the rest of the main cast during filming). The show centers around the students in a Performing Arts school in Berlin.

In the show, Tim plays a new character, actor Pepe. Pepe is the youngest of the characters, and is a super prankster. He loves comedy and acting, but definitely not singing! After his parents’ separation, his dog Sparky has been an important support for him, so he is quite pleased when he discovers that Sparky followed him to the Berlin School of Arts. Now he just needs to figure out how to hide him from the Principal and teachers!

I got a chance to catch up with him about his experience. You can watch our chat in this video.

Please see Staffel 5 Trailer here. You can see Tim starting at the 2:00 mark!

Please tune in to watch Tim’s premiere of Spotlight, Staffel 5 on Nickelodeon Deutschland on Sunday, October 4 at 19:30. You can also watch on or on the Nickelodeon Play App.

Congratulations, Tim, and break a leg for your premiere!

Jennifer Raine
HoD Performing Arts

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