FIS 100K Challenge


Starting on Wednesday, February 10, 2021, Secondary School students and staff are invited to join a month-long 100K challenge.

Take a look at our short (1.42 mins) promo video.

I challenge you to try and complete either 10km, 25km, 50km or the big one, 100km in one month. You can complete the distance by either running, walking, cycling or a mix of all three.

The Purpose: Some of us need a challenge and motivation to get outside and get fit, but also I am inviting all participants to use the event as a way to fundraise for the awesome TAFEL (Erlangen) charity. TAFEL collects and distributes food to people who need it, and this is particularly acute with the impact of COVID on jobs and income.

Students and staff will be looking for donations from sponsors (for completing the distances) and all funds raised will be passed to the school and then donated to TAFEL Erlangen.

If you wish to directly help the TAFEL charity, you can do so by donating either foods (there are usually drop off points in Supermarkets) or by donating money (please visit their website for details).

Every Wednesday we will be creating Virtual Race Track showing distances that students and staff have covered so far. The Virtual Race Track will be shared on our FIS Facebook and Instagram platforms so please take a look.

You can contact me at  should you have questions.

Lets Go!!!!!!!!

Harvey Greener
CAS Coordinator

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