First Primary Assembly


The Primary teaching team spent some time in their Professional Learning meetings reflecting on assemblies in our school. This process enabled us to think carefully about the form, function, and content of our assemblies. One objective is to help develop school culture and routines, and so this Thursday, Grade 1-5 classes had their first assembly with a focus on the cafeteria at lunchtime.

In recent weeks, the cafeteria has been very noisy at times. Having lots of hungry children in one room is always a challenge in any school cafeteria so educating children on the importance of enjoying eating food with conversations with only the people next to you rather than a friend several tables away can make all the difference. 22 Students from Grade 2 helped lead the assembly by modeling expected behaviors during lunchtime by acting in roles as students and teachers.

As well as the noise, another issue we have faced has been the mess left behind. The Grade 2 students modeled how to use the wet wipes the school provides to wipe up any mess that may have been made while tucking into the delicious lunches before tucking in their chairs and leaving the cafeteria quietly. Developing this sense of responsibility is really important. I would urge parents to have their children do this at home by helping to clear up the family table and learn that any mess made means mess to be cleaned.

Our school days are varied and full of energy. Lunchtime in the cafeteria and the playground is a great time for social learning as a core part of any schooling. The Grade 2 students who led the assembly said they really enjoyed demonstrating how to do things properly. And when all students were asked if they would like regular assemblies, hands shot up throughout the Aula. We will continue to have assemblies once every 4 weeks to celebrate school life, our learning, international mindedness, and bringing our school community together.

Dan Slevin
Head of Primary School

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