Culture in the 21st Century Conference at the FIS


We are excited to announce that  over 30 interactive sessions are planned to engage 380 Middle and High School students in contemporary themes related to “Culture in the 21st Century”. We would like to thank everyone who submitted their proposal to host a session. The majority  of these are student-led and facilitated, though the program also includes sessions on offer by FIS staff members, PTO members, and invited guests .

As a sneak preview, some of the session titles include:

  • Social Media: A force of good or evil?
  • How do culture and lifestyle influence our personal development and wellbeing?
  • Why does the language we use matter?
  • My multicultural self
  • Mother tongue sessions in Dutch, French, Italian, Korean and Turkish

The keynote speech will be delivered by Dr. Heather Meyer. Heather completed her PhD in the United Kingdom, where she studied the many facets of community life at an international school in Germany and explored where local identity might fit. Heather is extremely interested in global identities, how we perceive culture, labels, and how all of this impacts the lives of international school children every day.

The “Culture in the 21st Century” Conference event will take place on Wednesday, March 20, 2019, during the International Week Against Racism, and intends to address United Nations Global Goals 3 and 10, good health and wellbeing and reduced inequalities.

Special note to parents: save the date! A morning parent session facilitated by Dr. Meyer is also planned, focusing on topics relating to international mobility; the challenges and opportunities that arise with transitioning between schools and countries; and how this relates to issues of identity development, family needs, and school belonging. Further session details and a confirmed time, either on March 19 or 21, will be announced soon.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Ang (), Ms. Kellum (), Mr. Kolentse () Ms. Min (), or  Mr. Simpson ()

Culture in the 21st Century Conference Organizing Team

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