Coffee Morning: Semester 2 Series

We are launching our Coffee Morning program for the second semester but with a little twist. Like before, these Coffee Mornings will run regularly throughout the year. However, there will be some evening “wine and cheese” sessions too. There will be a different focus or activity for each session that will inform you about school policies, how we can collectively support your child, and also solicit your input and feedback on school initiatives and developments.

These informal sessions will be a great opportunity to get to know other parents, and share experiences. Refreshments will be provided. Parents lead very busy lives, but we are hoping you could spare an hour to ‘wind down’ and learn about something new. Our new program kicks off with an evening Zoom session on March 8. More details will be communicated in advance of each session.

It would be wonderful to see you at Coffee Morning sessions, even those in the evenings! If you wish to attend any of the sessions please rsvp to  listing the sessions you would like to attend. Our program for the second semester can be found below:

March 8 at 18:30 ZoomTeen Substance Use and Abuse – External Expert talkLiam Browne, Head of School
Michelle Ang, Head of Student Wellbeing
March 9 at 18:00Grade 6-8 curriculum: Plans for the FutureChristian Hoffmann, Head of Curriculum
March 14 at 8:45Peer Relationships: Bullying Response and InterventionPastoral Cluster
April 26 at 8:45Navigating EmotionsCounselors
April 27  at 18:00Living and Learning GloballyChristian Hoffmann, Head of Curriculum
May 4 at 8:45Languages at the FIS Christian Hoffmann, Head of Curriculum
May 30 at 8:45Assessment, Homework, Home Learning, and Reporting at the FISChristian Hoffmann, Head of Curriculum
June 1 at 8:45FIS Big Cat Reading in Primary SchoolDan Slevin, Head of Primary School
June 14 at 8:45Healthy Transition for Leaving FamiliesCounselors
June 22 at 8:45Psychology of Social Media HabitsAllen Lindblad, Head of Educational Technology and Michelle Ang, Head of Student Wellbeing
TBCNutrition & Self-esteem: Dinner Time Conversations with Our Kids Around Food and Body Image –External Expert talk Michelle Ang, Head of Student Wellbeing

Liam Browne
Head of School

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