Introducing Our Podcast: FIScast

We are excited to announce the launch of our podcast, FIScast. FIS staff members and resident experts, Matt Chambers and Adrian Haug, are hosting the show. While Mr. Haug presently runs a podcast of his own, Mr. Chambers has prior experience hosting a radio show in Dresden.

“Like most schools, we often have round tables or community events to hold discussions targeted to a larger audience. We hope for the podcast to be an instrument to offer such discourses with more regularity and get the voice of the community involved,” Mr. Chambers says.

There will be a series of interviews that feature top-notch guests and thought-provoking conversations as well as provide insights into the world of the FIS. “We want to open up to the community not just by way of traditional channels, but to also offer a glimpse into who we really are as a school,” Mr. Haug describes the motivation behind the podcast.

A key component here will be student voice. “We think of podcasts as a medium for sharing information,” Mr. Chambers explains, “but they are also a chance to empower students and help them develop agency.” He adds that the larger vision is for the students to ultimately take the reins completely and build the podcast into an independent student-led venture.

While we are excited about this new journey we are embarking on, we also take the opportunity to reflect on the last couple of months. When we first came up with the idea of a school podcast all we were absolutely convinced of is that we wanted authenticity. We wanted the FIS voice and spirit to be heard. We quickly learned that purchasing the equipment and setting up a studio is the least of  concerns. From setting up a team of podcast enthusiasts, having a pre-set agenda with probe questions versus complete spontaneity, professional music and voice post production, setting up the podcast platforms including the music licenses, over to what one might consider simple fixes such as the podcast name and cover art, there has been a lot of learning. The process of setting up a podcast requires a great deal of planning, research, and execution. It has been a longer journey than expected, but full of joy and a learning curve for everyone involved.

The first show* is out and available on SpotifyApple Podcasts and Buzzsprout. We would love to know what you think! Upcoming episodes will be announced via the newsletter so stay tuned.

Happy listening!

*recorded in January 2023
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