Anay Sudeep, Grade 2 Student

“I really like the German podcast “WAS IST WAS?” It was there that I started to learn about stars, planets and space travel. Did you know that  planets orbit stars, and that sometimes, a planet passes in front of a star and blocks some of its light, and then you can’t see the planet? This is something that fascinates me. When this happens, then the planet blocks a small part of the star’s light, and it is possible that the earth becomes just a tiny bit darker.

My favorite star is proxima centauri, but unfortunately, you cannot see it with the bare eye. I don’t yet have a telescope at home, but sometimes I go out to a park at night to watch the stars. That’s interesting especially when there are astronomical events like a red moon. The moon has so much dust and so many craters. If you send a probe there, you can take pieces of the rock and dust, take photos and send them back to earth. I think they test it to see how similar it is to earth rocks. Maybe in the future, they could settle on the moon and might have a civilization there. Or maybe they settle on Mars. I have a book about space travel, and sometimes I am allowed to play video games where avatars travel into space. Then I can also see myself going out into space on my own someday – that would be really cool.

I am not sure yet about what I want to be in the future, maybe I could be an astronomer, but I have to think about it a bit more. I love learning, reading books, drawing, and there are many more things I also have an interest in, like dinosaurs, hieroglyphics and football.”

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