British Council University Fair


Grade 11 and 12 students took the opportunity last week to visit the UK University Fair in Munich, organized by the British Student Council. Ludwig-Maximilian-University hosted the event which also added to this unique atmosphere of diving into the university world with having the lecture halls right next to the booths. Over 30 UK universities offered insights and application advice helping students understand the requirements and expectations of their next big step.

Student Reflections

Gaby Jones, Grade 11: “This was a great experience. The reps were able to explain the different courses and extracurriculars offered. I have been looking into the London area due to my interest in Theater courses, however, after the fair I am now also looking into other cities. I really liked how the fair was set up and the representatives were really helpful. They were truly interested in what we do in school and all my Theater involvement.” 

Magnus Unger, Grade 11: “I was quite impressed by the event as it was very informative. I was able to learn about the application process to the UK universities. I have spoken to several universities offering Computer Science and AI as well as courses in Biology. I’ve learned that it is actually easier to go study abroad. I now know how to get informed, where to search for the information I need. This fair showed me a new opportunity for my further studies.”

Angelina Seran, Grade 11: “It was very surprising, I did not expect to enjoy the atmosphere so much. It is really interesting to learn about all the different universities and the different requirements for it. For example, I didn’t know that if you do not meet their formal requirements you can apply to a foundation year. This fair really helped me with my indecisiveness about what to study. The university reps are really nice and truly want to help. It helped get a better understanding of what I want to do.” 

The Career and Higher Education Program offers support to students with self and career exploration as of Grade 9 onward. For any further information about the program please get in touch with , Head of Marketing and Careers.

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