Authentic Learning in German First Language


In January, the Grade 7 students German First Language went to Fürth-Stein to visit the pencil manufacturer Faber-Castell. During this trip, that by now is well established, the student got a guided tour through the factory after an interesting presentation on the history of the company. The students followed the tour with great interest and clipboards to take notes. The trip was part of the unit on non-fictional texts/journalistic texts and each student had to write a report about the process of pencil manufacturing. The exposure to the facets of the manufacturing process provided great opportunity to reflect upon an everyday item that usually doesn’t get much thought and attention.

On February 13, we were fortunate to welcome author Barbara Laban to our Middle School Library. Mrs. Laban came from London to read from her latest book “Rebecca. Verflucht, ausgerechnet England”, an adventure story located on the English coast. The Grade 6 and 7 students each enjoyed the reading followed by a very interested Q&A session. While the girls were interested in the plot and the writing process, the boys pointed out facts within a conversation around English football clubs. The highlight was, no doubt, a raffle after which one lucky student per grade walked away with his/her very own copy of that book.

The Middle School Library has some of Mrs. Laban’s books who published various novels for kids and teens in both English and German.

Stephanie Steinberg
Head of Department German First Language

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