“Everything You Treasure – For a World Free of Nuclear Weapons”


We would like to invite you to join Pomila Sinha, eighth Grade mum, for the following exhibition on Tuesday, February 12: “Die Würde des Lebens beschützen – Für eine Welt ohne Atomwaffen” (“Everything You Treasure – For a World Free of Nuclear Weapons”).

The exhibition takes place at the Rathaus in Erlangen. This exhibition is jointly hosted by SGI and ICAN (recipients of noble peace prize) and seek to create awareness about the dangers posed by nuclear weapons.

The visit to the exhibition is completely free of charge. If you are interested please contact Pomila (, or +49 0173 57 01 878), who will take care of this activity, directly.

Meeting point will be in front of the school at 8:30 just after drop off. It would be great if you could inform Pomila directly if you are joining.


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