AGIS Elementary School Principals’ Conference


What a fabulous couple of days! Thank you for the brilliant idea of having us join the first graders on their learning adventure in the woods. I learned so much, not in the least being, how valuable it was to be a learning partner with a little boy for an hour, sharing our thoughts, ideas, perceptions and creating some beautiful art. The sharing in our Primary Heads’ group was extremely helpful as always, and it reconfirmed for me that over the past 19 years, this still continues to be one of the most useful and supportive out-of-school professional support groups I attend! Thank you all!

Above is a quote from one of the AGIS principals who attended the conference we facilitated here at the FIS two weeks ago. This annual conference enables Elementary principals from international schools around Germany, to meet face to face, share the rewards and challenges of the role and offer support for each other.

For the first time, we decided to start the conference on a Thursday afternoon, instead of a Friday morning. We hosted 18 principals – a record number.

While planning for the conference and reflecting on our core purpose, I invited the principals to join a Grade 1 outdoor learning lesson. For many of us, it was the first time in years that we spent uninterrupted quality time with a student. As the quote above clearly shows, this time enabled us to reflect on why we are in the roles we are in. As a result, the purposeful and focused discussions the following day were energizing, affirming and informative.

The principals were so impressed with our facilities, our learning environment and the whole school ethos that permeated all aspects of the conference. They were most impressed with the attitudes and behaviors of our students, your children. Thank you for your continued support for your children’s educational journey here at the FIS.

Patricia Appel
Elementary School Principal

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