Young Entrepreneurs


Grade 3 is currently learning about what it means to be a young entrepreneur in IPC. We are exploring how to use the design cycle to create products and how to set up a business.

We had the opportunity to do a Zoom call with Ugne Bezarashvili, a local entrepreneur from Nürnberg to learn about her business ‘My Nature Signature.’ When Ugne and her family moved to Germany from Lithuania, she realized that her children’s skin had become dry and rough. So, she started making soap using all-natural ingredients like avocado oil and essential oils like lavender and lemon.

Ugne explained how she uses environmentally friendly materials in her packaging and that she gets feedback from her friends and neighbors about how she can improve her product. Ugne sells her soaps online through Etsy and uses business cards to advertise. You can check out her soaps on Etsy or follow her on Instagram.

After the Zoom call, some of the students shared their thoughts about talking with Ugne:

Faustine from 3A: “I like that she doesn’t use any plastic in her packaging because that is good for the environment.”

Graham from 3B: “I am glad that she uses natural ingredients in her products because chemicals can be bad for your skin.”

Evan from 3C: “I like she told us so much about the process of making soap and she gave me lots of ideas for my own soap design.”

We will be working hard over the next few weeks to develop and create our own soap products. More information about how and when our final products will be shared with the FIS community will be available soon.

Grade 3 students

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