Lunch Wunschbox Results!


The Cafeteria team opened its menu to suggestions from students and staff, earlier this month. We received some very interesting recommendations for what meals the ideal “wunschbox” should consist of.

Some students also got creative and doodled their suggestions on post-it notes in all kinds of colors and fonts.

The Cafeteria staff has put together a list of suggestions received, and here are the winning items that will be included in the menu next month:

  • Pizza (93 votes)
  • Tacos (72 votes)
  • Burger (61 votes)
  • Hot Dog (60 votes)
  • Pommes (59 votes)
  • Sushi (52 votes)
  • Ice cream (47 votes)
  • Bolognese (45 votes)
  • Kaierschmarrn (45 votes)
  • Crepes (39 votes)

Stay tuned for a Wunschbox December!

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