Young Entrepreneurs: Inquiry Within Our Community

The Grade 3 IPC unit this semester is ‘Young Entrepreneurs’.

As a result of the collaborative planning between homeroom teachers and the German department, a trip to the Erlanger Tafel was planned. The learning intention was to gather information about a non-profit organization in our community.

The students had the opportunity to ask many questions to the head of the organization, Frau König, as well as see how everything works.

It was a wonderful learning experience for all the students and they came back with a lot of ideas on how we can help our community. They also found out how a non-profit organization like this works.

The students also teamed up and helped unload the food trucks!

We hope that all the classes continue to collect items to bring back to the Tafel. There is a list of items attached that the Tafel is in need of, if you wish to donate. You could send the items to school with your child and we will deliver them next week.

For more information about the Erlanger Tafel, here is a link:

Grade 3 Homeroom and German Teachers

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