What remains?


Want to reduce the number of plastic straws in your home or find a way to recycle used straws?

Grade 6 Design students are investigating the theme “What remains?” as part of their current upcycling unit in partnership with Bridging Arts in Nürnberg. The students need your help! They are collaborating with Grade 3’s straw investigation by reducing the number of plastic straws available in our community. The Grade 6 students will use these straws to construct a sign for their art gallery, which will feature new upcycled pieces at the FIS International Fair. You can help in two ways.

  • Please bring in plastic straws from your home to reduce the number of straws available.
  • Bring in plastic straws given to you at a restaurant, to help recycle the straws.

The plastic straw collection container will be located at the Front Office. Please record on the paper beside the plastic straw collection container where the straw is coming from, in order for the Grade 3 students to follow up with local restaurants or businesses.

Christina King
on behalf of the Grade 6 Design students

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