Lunch – Let’s keep it healthy!


The food and drinks served and sold in the Cafeteria and the Kiosk are non-sugary. However, we do observe that students who bring in their own lunch from home are often equipped with sweet treats and share those with their friends. As nice as it is to share, we would like to ask parents to not send in sweets for lunch or snack. We often see that students will just nibble on sweets rather than finishing their meal.

Our brain only accounts for two percent of our body weight but uses 20 percent of the total energy needed by our bodies. The energy supply of the brain depends on the absorption of carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates found in wholegrain products, vegetables and other starchy food, are most valuable to the energy supply of the brain. Our body takes longer to break down the chains, which ensures a steady and prolonged energy supply, as the blood sugar rises slowly. Sweets usually contain simple carbohydrates, which will be used up fast and won’t have the steady positive effect on our blood sugar.

Please keep this in mind, as students are in school most of the day and really benefit from a wholesome lunch! If you would like to send in a warm lunch with your child, you can use flasks to keep food hot for the few hours until lunch break. We see students using them and they work well! Parents are invited to try the hot lunch served in the Cafeteria any time if they would like to sample it.

Hannah Bauer
School Nurse and member of the School Lunch Committee

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