Waste Separation: Grade 5 Leads by Example


Over the past few months, our fifth graders have been learning about climate control and global warming.

Through their lesson inquiry, they recognized the problem of waste separation and decided to do something about it, particularly in the Primary School.

Six students – Samaira Grover, Jesus Ibarra, Tuna Izgi, Saam Jafari, Nivedita Reddy, and Rion Sumiya – formed the ‘Eco-Friendly Group’ to sort all of the waste from the classrooms, in a step to help the environment.

To achieve this objective, the group worked with Mr. Thomas Heinrich, the school’s Business Manager. They came up with a plan of where to put different trash cans around the school. Mr. Heinrich is also leading the FIS’ efforts towards becoming an Eco-School, together with FIS faculty member Mr. Harvey Greener.

After the initial groundwork, the students presented their plan at two different school assemblies. They are now regularly segregating plastic and organic waste three times a week throughout the school. Five separation stations have been installed throughout the Primary School.

Besides, the group is also tasked with educating their colleagues and teachers on the right way to separate and dispose of waste.

“I enjoy working in the Eco-Friendly Group because we get to help the school and it makes me happy,“ shares 5B student Saam.

Samaira in 5A adds, “I like how we came up with this idea to help the school and the environment because it makes our school better.” 

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