Usborne Book Fair


As part of the World Book Day celebrations, Usborne Books will be holding another book fair during Parent-Teacher Conference Day on Wednesday, April 25.

To make their pocket money go a bit further, each student will be given a World Book Day token which is worth 1,50 EUR and can be used for the purchase of any Usborne book. The tokens will be given out at the book fair and can only be used on this day.

 Usborne is a UK publisher specializing in English language children’s books. Usborne Books started 40 years ago and won Independent Publisher of the Year and Children’s Publisher of the Year 2014. Usborne has a generous bonus scheme enabling preschools and schools to receive up to 60% of the total book sales in free books.

A large range of age-appropriate Usborne Books will be available for purchase at the book fair. However, specific titles can also be ordered from the catalog. There are over 2500 books to choose from!

All prices should be correct but please note that some do change. Payment at the book fair can be made by cash (preferred) or credit card (Mastercard or VISA only). Most of the books range in price from 4,00 to 22,50 EUR. All prices are in UK pound but there will be a conversion table available at the book fair.

Please support our book fair so that your child has more English books to read, share and enjoy!

Becky Holmes
Independent Usborne Organiser

Phone: +49 (0) 1578 5282280

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