Unity Amidst Global Turmoil: A Message to the Franconian School Community

I hope this letter finds you and your families in good health and spirits. Two years ago, I found myself penning a letter addressing the heartfelt concerns surrounding the situation in Ukraine. Today, with a heavy heart, I write to you again, acknowledging another complex and distressing situation: the ongoing conflict in Gaza and Israel.

In our diverse and interwoven community, the world can often feel incredibly small. While the geographic distance between the Franconian International School and the heart of the conflict is significant, emotionally and personally, it may feel much closer. With numerous families within our community having direct or indirect ties to the region, it is essential that we approach this topic with empathy, understanding, and sensitivity.

The core values that the FIS holds dear – care, curiosity, respect, integrity, and belonging – are not just words; they are principles that guide our collective journey of education and personal growth. As such, it is of the utmost importance that we recognize the profound human suffering that is occurring, irrespective of political or national affiliations.

We do not take sides. Instead, we focus on the human stories, the innocent lives, and the shared aspirations for peace and security. In times of conflict and adversity, it becomes ever more essential for our community to uphold our core values and extend our support and understanding to all members who may be affected.

Furthermore, in the context of our commitment to the values of the International Baccalaureate education, we are reminded to approach global events with an open-minded and balanced perspective. These values emphasize intercultural understanding, compassion, and the desire to create a better and more peaceful world. As educators, parents, and students, it is our responsibility to engage in informed and constructive conversations, promote understanding, and strive towards unity.

In these challenging times, I invite all members of our community to come together, offering support, patience, and empathy to one another. We are more than just a school; we are a family, bound together by our shared experiences and aspirations. Let us continue to stand by our core values, reaching out to those in need and promoting peace, understanding, and unity.

If any member of our community requires support or a platform to voice their concerns, our doors are always open.

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