G12 IA Science Days


The IA Science days provide G12 students with a valuable opportunity to harness the knowledge they’ve accumulated throughout their IB studies and channel it into a self-selected investigation. This process not only hones their abilities in data collection, analysis, and scientific report writing but also holds considerable weight, contributing a substantial 20% to their final science grade.

Kate worked on a biology project to explore the effects of aloe vera gel on mitotic growth of onion root tip cells: “The main challenge I encountered was the preparation of slides. The microscope slides did not provide clear images needed to record data for my IA. I needed to perform a preliminary experiment to ensure that the Acetocarmine solution and the HCl were working efficiently. This was unexpected and took much of my time. One obstacle that I faced was the preparation of Aloe vera extract. The mortar and pestle provided was not adequate and I needed to borrow a blender. This would not have been possible without collaboration.

This year’s science days have highlighted the power of collaboration and problem-solving, showcasing the dedication of young minds to scientific exploration.

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