The Early Years Farmers’ Market


Over the past few weeks, the Early Years children have been combining their Outdoor Learning classes with Grade 3. Together, we have been concentrating on our “Service Learning”.

We have decided to organize a farmers’ market for the FIS community, this summer. Each class has sowed some vegetable seeds and has been caring for them for a few weeks.

We have planted a wide range of vegetables like beans, lettuce, beetroot and radishes, among others. This week was time for “Pricking Out”. The seedlings were ready to move to a bigger pot to allow room for stronger roots. The Early Years and Grade 3 children have to shoulder the great responsibility of caring for these plants over the Easter holidays. They will then be brought back to the Outdoor Learning Garden and be transferred to the planters.

We can’t wait to watch our vegetables grow and to share them with the FIS Community.

Joanne Andrews
Art & Outdoor Learning Teacher

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