Swimming Success


Last weekend, our U14 and Varsity Swimming teams competed at the annual GISST Swimming Gala in Frankfurt, and even after three-year break, they all performed really well. In the team competition, the U14 Boys finished 1st and the U14 Girls 3rd overall.

Congratulations to all, especially FIS medalists:

  • Thom Greener (U14 Boys) – 3rd place 50m backstroke, 3rd place 50m butterfly U14 Boys
  • Emilio Perez (U14 Boys) – 2nd place 50m breaststroke
  • Michael Pfütsch (U14 Boys) – 2nd place 100m freestyle, 2nd place 200m freestyle, 3rd place 50m butterfly, 1st place 50 freestyle
  • Marc Aurel Sodenkamp (U14 Boys) – 3rd place 50m breaststroke, 100m breaststroke
  • Marc Aurel Sodenkamp, Michael Pfütsch, Conner Isenberg, Emilio Perez (U14 Boys) – 1st place 4x50m breaststroke
  • Conner Isenberg, Emilio Perez, Thom Greener, Michael Pfütsch (U14 Boys) – 1st place 4x50m medley
  • Emilio Perez, Conner Isenberg, Thom Greener, Michael Pfütsch (U14 Boys) – 1st place 4x50m freestyle
  • Bianca Pollotti (U14 Girls) – 2nd place 50m breaststroke, 3rd place 50m freestyle
  • Delisha Arora, Bianca Pollotti, Antonia Kaunert, Carmen Armendariz Murphy ( U14 Girls) – 3rd place 4x50m medley
  • Bianca Pollotti, Adrianna Hyde-Camaioni, Delisha Arora, Gabriella Haug (U14 Girls) – 3rd place 4x50m freestyle
  • Jeongwoo Kwon (Varsity Boys) – 3rd place 50m freestyle Varsity Boys
  • Luna Perez (Varsity Girls) – 2nd place 50m breaststroke, 2nd place 100m individual medley, 2nd place 200m freestyle, 1st place 100m breaststroke

Well done everyone & thank you to the coaching team Ms. Prest, Mr. Sondberg and Ms. Barkova.

U14 Basketball Friendlies – February 11

This Saturday, February 11, the U14 Basketball teams will get in action taking part in friendly tournaments in Ulm (U14 Girls) and here in Erlangen (U14 Boys). Parents and players have already been informed about the details related to these events. Please find the schedules for each respective Friendly below:

All FIS families and friends are very much encouraged to come to the school this Saturday to support our U14 Boys Basketball teams (FIS 1 and FIS 2).

As always when we are hosting a sporting event, we would need your help to provide refreshments for the players, coaches, referees, helpers and visitors during the event. Please follow the link below to support us by donating food products and/or helping at the food stand:

Your help is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!

For questions, please contact our Athletics Director at .

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