Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

We extend our deepest sympathy to the people of Turkey and Syria as they deal with the turmoil of the recent earthquake. Our thoughts are with the people of this region as they begin a long and difficult recovery from this natural disaster.

We hold those who are missing, and their families and loved ones in our thoughts. We wish strength and resilience to all those involved in the rescue efforts.

Many within our FIS community have a direct connection to Turkey and Syria. Such is the nature of international schools that such tragic events are never far away and distant but have a deep impact on our community members, and ultimately us all. Our friendships and collaborations with our Turkish and Syrian families, alumni and colleagues run deep and continue to enrich our lives and work.

Our first priority is always our students and families. Our counselors are available to support, share insights and provide helpful information for families.

We have been in contact with the Turkish community of Fürth/Turkish Mosque Fürth, some of whom are FIS families. They have already collected two trucks worth of goods, which left on Thursday evening. This community has collected donations and are aiming to send a third and fourth truck. The FIS will be collecting the following donations to support them in their efforts:

  • Diapers
  • Warm clothes – outerwear and layering items
  • Sanitary items
  • White Bed mattress sheets- NEW
  • Please no books
  • Please no toys

Please note that these should be boxed separately and labeled. There will be an additional collection point at the reception in FIS II.

Financial donations can be made to various institutions working on delivering aid to the affected areas.

Liam Browne
Head of School

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