Round-table invitation for FIS parents: Visualizing a community that flourishes


When we think about what we want for our children to be able to lead fulfilling, purposeful lives, what is it that we are most hoping for?

The FIS Counselors would like to invite all interested parents to a morning focused on exploring the topic of psychological wellbeing. Our objective is to gather a variety of insights and perspectives from parents to span all areas of the school, to support the development of the wellbeing focus of the FIS strategic plan. We will also look into how theories of wellbeing can reinforce positive relationships at home.

Discussion points:

  • What do we want for our children to be able to flourish, as individuals?
  • What are some of the strengths the FIS has in supporting students’ wellbeing?
  • What are our ideas for how the FIS can further foster its culture of wellbeing?
  • What is authentic wellbeing, and what are some tools for supporting this for our children at home?

We look forward to conversation, sharing, and brainstorming around this critical topic with you!

Date: Monday, May 28
Time: 8:40 – 11:00
Location: Conference Room

In order to assure appropriate seating and refreshments, please RSVP by Wednesday, May 23 to Michelle Ang:

FIS Counselors

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