Flowers and insects


How do you plant a seed? What does a bean seed need to grow best? Early Years 5 students were asked this question as part of their unit of inquiry into “Flowers and Insects.” They were then given various materials such as sand, pebbles, soil, mulch and water to use. They were told to plant their seeds how they thought a seed should be best planted. Some students planted their seeds in jars with lids to keep the bees off.

Some students planted their seeds soaked in sand and water. Some thought it was best to place the seed on top of the soil, whereas others thought the seed should be buried down into the soil. The children chose where they thought their plant would grow best in the classroom and how much water they should give it. Most have placed their jars near the window for sunlight. One student said “Only sunflowers need sunlight so this bean seed doesn’t need sunlight.” Another student then told us how we could do an experiment to find out by placing it in a dark place. We are excited to see what happens with our beans.

The EY Team

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