Recruitment Season

Head of School

Good schools need good teachers. However, the challenge is that teacher supply presents a significant challenge for the international sector. In a 2021 COBIS research project on Teacher Supply in British International Schools delivered in partnership with ISC Research, 91% of British international school leaders said they found recruiting quality teachers ‘somewhat challenging’ or ‘very challenging’ (Rogers).

There are various reasons for this challenge: the continued growth and popularity of the international school sector; the global shortfall in those entering teacher training programs; and, particularly in some regions, the impact of the pandemic, with recruitment affected by travel restrictions, and difficulties with visas (Rogers and Kirk).

The educator recruiting process at an international school is one that must start early. The FIS continually positions itself well in this highly competitive international market. We have an extensive and rigorous recruitment and orientation process for educators at the FIS. We recruit locally, nationally, and internationally. This weekend Petra Niemczyk, Deputy Head of School, and I are attending an international teacher recruitment fair in London where over 500 candidates will be in attendance. It will be an exhausting and long weekend but not without its rewards and excitement, as we interview candidates and promote our wonderful school.

We look for enthusiastic, responsible, flexible, adaptable, internationally-minded educators who are also willing to be life-long learners, work with language learners and contribute positively to the life of the school. This is what makes an effective and passionate educator at the FIS, and we are exceptionally lucky to have so many as we add to our growing team.

Liam Browne
Head of School



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