Raising environmental awareness through design


Tonight, Friday, June 8, Grade 6 and 7 Design Exploratory students will be displaying their latest project to the community. This continues the Bridging Arts “What Remains?” theme the class has been working on along with their earlier “Figures From the Future” project. Students have created slogans and designed visual displays to be projected on buildings near Hugenottenplatz in Erlangen. These messages all have to do with sustainable living, reducing waste and mindful consumption to help the planet. Because we will be using a projector to display the images, this event will take place at 21:00 and will last a little over an hour. If around town for the evening, be sure to look out for these projected messages. For more information, check out the article in the Nürnberger Nachrichten: www.nordbayern.de/../fis-erlangen-macht-bei-opern-projekt-mit.

Grade 6 Design students are also getting involved in the topic looking into our increasing tendencies to consume and discard. Be sure to make time to stop by their “Shabby Shop” at the FIS International Fair on June 23, to see their up-cycled creations on display. You can learn how these products are not only useful, but also help reduce waste and the need for new resources.

Allen Lindblad
Director of Educational Technology

Christina King
Art Teacher

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