Buy an eco-friendly bag and support BOOKBRIDGE!


Mongolian students at BOOKBRIDGE in Arvaikheer have been working on a project called “No Plastic, No Problem” which aims to reduce the use of plastic because of the effects on the environment. This is a problem all over the world not just in Mongolia!

To discourage the use of single-use plastic shopping bags, the students designed and made reusable bags which are being now sold in their local supermarkets and other places in their local community. We would like to support them by selling the bags to the FIS community. They make great shopping bags or book bags! We have 25 silver bags for sale for the bargain price of 5 EUR.  There are two styles available; one rectangular with straight straps and one that is more curvy. If you would like to have one of these lovely bags, please sign via this form or email at .

Thank you for supporting BOOKBRIDGE!

The BOOKBRIDGE@the-fis Team

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