Raising Awareness for the Uyghur People


In the last few days, your child might have brought home a handcrafted bag containing a flyer with information on the situation of Uyghurs in China.

The Uyghurs are a Turkic ethnic community native to the Xinjiang Autonomous Region in northwestern China. The minority group has been facing ongoing persecution and forced assimilation by the Chinese government. As a CAS activity, a team of Grade 12 students is advocating for the Uyghurs.

All of last week, Primary and Secondary students have been working together to paint and decorate book bags. The aim is for the younger students to get a chance to exercise their creativity in a relaxed and conducive environment, while the flyers attached with the bags help raise awareness about the unfortunate subjugation of Uyghurs.

Ilaf Insayer (Grade 12), who initiated this project, reflects on the experience:

“This initiative and CAS as a whole gave me the opportunity to use my voice and change something in the world around us. We are fortunate to be able to bring students of different age groups together, allowing us to work collaboratively with one another, learn more about others and see things from different perspectives. It encourages us to make ethical decisions.”

If you would like to make a donation to support the cause, please get in touch at .

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