Professional Learning @FIS, May 10, 2022: Reflections

Reflection on Primary Section Professional Learning

Our journey has begun. With the decision to adopt the IB PYP (Primary Years Program) recently communicated, the primary team was keen to begin the process from decision to realization. Rather than hastily rushing into planning for one of the many building blocks of the new programme, we decided to start our journey with laying the foundations to establish a good understanding of what it means to implement an IB programme. This first PYP Professional Learning began with exploring the cornerstones of this IB program: IB Learner Profile, Approaches to Learning (ATLs) and Approaches to Teaching (ATTs); along with the core of the IB PYP: International Mindedness statement. A range of opportunities were provided to share current knowledge and understanding of the programme; to share opinions, ask questions to articulate the possible challenges, and share the excitements and vision.

An engaged, curious, and open-minded team of educators metaphorically rolled up their sleeves and dived right in. One of our most important learning from implementing the other two IB programmes in our school has been at the forefront of all of our efforts and will continue to guide our journey: whatever we do in terms of planning for and implementing the programme – it can only be done collaboratively, everybody having an opportunity to share their perspective and contribute to the process.

Reflection on Secondary Section Professional Learning

As you will be aware, the FIS is currently engaging in a process of reflection and improvement, as we prepare our self-studies ready for our synchronized visit at the end of November from CIS, NEASC, and the IB. As part of the IB self-study, the IB coordinators, Ruth Greener and Matt Chambers have been working diligently on a programme development plan (PDP), which the IB will give us feedback on, specifically to do with our process of reflection, planning, and executing developments to the school’s IB programmes (MYP and DP).

The PDP we will submit has to do with the development of the planning of Approaches to Learning (ATLs); the ultimate future goal being a community of self-regulated learners. On Tuesday, the aim was for Secondary teachers to learn about and give feedback on the aims of our PDP, and work in teams to continue developing their ATL planning so that we work closer to our ultimate purpose. Being able to come together in person for this important work was a real highlight, and though much work still remains to be done, we are growing ever closer to our ultimate goal.

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