FIS Staff Appreciation Day is Back!


We can finally present all our staff with a wonderful international buffet again – our long-standing FIS tradition and one which all the staff really enjoy!

Bring a homemade or shop-bought dish for all staff to share at the annual FIS Staff Appreciation Brunch on Wednesday, June 15, 2022, in the Multipurpose Room (behind the Aula, FIS 1).

The FIS team now counts almost 160 members of staff – so we will need a LOT of food to feed them all. Your dish needs to feed at least 10 people. If your dish can feed more than 10 people, then please be sure to sign up for multiple slots accordingly.

On June 15 – please leave your dishes with a PTO rep at Reception at FIS 1 (main building) between 8:30-9:30. Make sure all parts of your containers are clearly labeled with your child’s name and class, so we can ensure everything is returned to you. The buffet will open at 11:00!

If you are free and want to help out and serve on the day, please join in with this fun event and let us know by putting your name and email against a time slot on the same WeJoin sheet. The more the merrier!

Looking forward to a great day! Thank you for joining this tradition and bringing it back to life after the two years without it!

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