Nürnberg Artist Creates Art with Grade 3 Students


Nürnberg artist and designer, Birgit Osten has been sparking Grade 3 students’ creativity by getting them to sketch and color different buildings from around the world. Together they collaborated to create a five meters long piece of art, to celebrate the spirit of internationalism at the FIS.

The students were first inspired by Osten’s artwork when drawing their own cityscapes from a country of their choice, during their art lessons. They were delighted to be able to meet Birgit Osten in person and take a closer look at her artistic style.

Together they drew famous buildings and skyscrapers from their home country. Vibrant colors explode from this large scale piece, helping to express the energy and uniqueness that each student brings to the FIS.

“We Are the FIS” artwork will be revealed on Saturday, June 29, between 12:00 and 13:00, during the FIS 20th anniversary Festival. It will permanently be displayed outside the Elementary School library, if you are unable to make it to Saturday’s festivities.

Christina Lohwasser
Art and Design Teacher

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