NEW @ GISST – Table Tennis is Now GISST Sport


It is with great pleasure to announce that starting next month the GISST program will expand and an additional sport will be introduced as a part of it – Table Tennis.

This school year, Table Tennis will be offered on a trial basis and on small-scale, but if there should be enough interest among students, it might become a regular GISST sport for the upcoming years. During the Winter season the FIS will offer Table Tennis training twice per week (Tue/Thu) for both U14 and Varsity age category. We will also be hosting the Varsity Table Tennis tournament during the first weekend of March 2023.

Registration – GISST Winter Season 2022-23

The online registration for the upcoming Winter Season will open on Monday, November 21 at 17:00 and close on Friday, December 2 at 9:00. To register your child to participate in the FIS Sports Program (GISST), please go to the FIS Parent Portal and click on the “Booking Activities” icon. You can sign up your child for any sport offered to his/her grade level this Winter season. Admission to any training group will only be possible for those students registered beforehand.

GISST Training Schedule for the upcoming Winter Season will be available online next week, and can be found in the Sports section.

Please note that for Basketball, U14 Volleyball and Table Tennis this is a regular season and two training sessions per week are scheduled. All participants are expected to attend both training sessions, and you are kindly asked to register online for both days.

At the same time, we offer some prep-season training that will take place only once a week.

New Registration Fee as of January 2023

Please note that due to rising running costs, the GISST registration fee will be raised as of 1 January 2023. The new registration fee for the regular season (training 2x/week) will be 150 Euro and for any prep-season (one training per week) the cost will be 50 Euro.

You will receive an invoice at the end of the season for each sport category that you signed up for. Prices can be found on Parent Portal.

Reminder: Accommodation at GISST Tournaments 2022-23

As of this school year, all GISST Tournaments that include overnight stay will be hostel/hotel based. There will be no family housing for SY 2022-23.

The accommodation for all participating student athletes and coaches will be arranged prior to each particular event by the FIS (in cooperation with a host school). Whilst the FIS will provide transportation and cover the tournament fees, families of students selected will need to cover accommodation costs themselves. These accommodation costs will include hostel/hotel, meals, bus shuttle from/to hostel/hotel to venue, and are currently estimated at about 140-150 Euro per person for a 2-day tournament.

There will be no additional costs for participating in Friendly fixtures.

GISST Varsity Football Tournaments, November 24-26

Next week, our Varsity Boys and Girls Football teams will travel to Munich (BIS) and Berlin (BERIS) where they will take part in the final GISST Varsity Football tournaments. Both teams will travel by bus accompanied by their coaches Mr. Amaro and Mr. Orellana Prado, as well as Mrs. Aissen and Ms. Prest as chaperones. All players and their families have been informed about the selection and travel arrangements. Good luck to all!

For any questions please get in touch with , the FIS Athletics Director.

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