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The FIS library team is pleased to announce that the FIS has joined a consortium of 5 German International Schools to provide access to a growing collection of ebooks and audiobooks to students (from Grade 1 upwards) via Sora (part of Overdrive). The Sora app empowers students to discover and enjoy ebooks and audiobooks, for both leisure and class-assigned reading. There are currently 750 unique titles available and we hope the collection will grow as more schools join the consortium.


To access the digital collection:

  1. Download the Sora app or explore in browser Enter the setup code germanint (or click on “German International School Consortium” and then choose “Franconian International School”).
  2. Sign in with your usual FIS email and password.
  3. Browse the collection, select a book (or put it on hold if it is already checked out).


Access to titles is based on the title’s age-appropriateness and have been set as follows:

Juvenile = Grades 1 to 5, students in these grades can only see the Juvenile collection

Young Adult = Grades 6 to 8, students in these grades can see the Juvenile and Young Adult collections. (Please note Sora’s Young Adult category is not the same as the genre generally known as young adult in the publishing industry).

General Adult = Grades 9+ and staff, you see everything unless you use the “Preferences” button in the top left and change “Audience” to General Adult.


  • 3 loans at a time
  • 3 holds at a time
  • 14 day lending period

If you require further information about Sora, please contact the library team at .

Happy E-reading!

The FIS Library Team

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