MYP 1 Living Museum


We began this Individuals and Societies unit with our Statement of Inquiry, “The identity and perspective of past societies can be explored through the perspectives of the people who lived there.”

The goal of the Living Museum project was to show other members of our community what life was like in the Middle Ages, through individual perspectives. Students were split into groups and were made to choose their characters, for example, knights, plague victims, serfs, surgeons mathematicians, etc. We created timelines, paragraphs and questions to help guide our research. We worked in our classes to find relevant sources, took notes on articles that answered our researched questions and finally reflected on what we still needed to explore.

After a few weeks, it was time to present our characters in the Living Museum. During the Living Museum Exhibit, we dressed up as our respective characters and brought in an object that would symbolize our responsibilities in this society. We shared our learning and understanding with our parents, teachers and a few Elementary School classes. We found it exciting to not only play our characters but also share that with others.

Sodai Suzuki and Fiene Ruyten (6B)

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