Mila Dormeier, FIS Alumna

“One of my fondest memories of FIS was the personal relationships I developed with some teachers like  Ms Hughes and Mr Kennedy. They were particularly dedicated to their students and took the time to come and ask questions after class. This level of engagement always encouraged me. I also appreciated the diverse community at FIS, which allowed me to hear inspiring stories and tell my own story better.

I am now a student in Fashion Design at the Universität der Künste (UDK) in Berlin. My studies are definitely challenging but also very rewarding. At university classes commence at 9am and sometimes run to 6pm. The small class sizes and close relationships with professors make it a very pleasant and familiar environment to be in. Most of my work at UDK is practical, with several modules spread out over the week. Theoretical modules include fashion theory (history and concept of fashion) and cutting (patterns). But there’s also a lot of hands-on work, creating designs and working on my own design process. 

FIS prepared me for my current studies in several ways. The Career Day provided valuable insight into various industries from people that have actual work experience. Through FIS’s network of contacts, one can gain a taste of what it’s like to work in the field through internships. The personal relationships with my teachers also helped communicate openly about my future plans, and receive their honest feedback and more importantly, their guidance. The Extended Essay and other Internal Assessments I completed were a solid foundation to understand how to write scientific papers, follow a certain structure, and be able to research topics comprehensively.

Overall, my experiences at FIS have been invaluable in preparing me for my studies at UDK. I’m very interested in research and may consider pursuing a Master’s in Fashion Design in the future. I’m also grateful to know that the support from FIS doesn’t stop after graduation and that I can continue to stay in contact with the school.”

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