Grade 12 IB Music Students

On Thursday, March 16, we had the pleasure of witnessing the Grade 12 music students showcase their talents in a small recital. As a part of their IB coursework, Ashton Bagwell, Irmak Lüle, and Paula Omoto delivered a diverse range of musical pieces, which they recorded as a part of their Presenting Portfolio.

The students captivated their small audience with their performances, which included a beautiful guitar duet, an impressive piano solo, and an intricate piece that utilized electronic effects such as a backing track and looping pedal. Their dedication to their craft was evident, and their hard work truly paid off in their outstanding performances.

Following the recital, we had a small reception where the audience had the opportunity to congratulate and interact with the students. We were delighted to see the support and appreciation that the students received for their exceptional work.

We wish Ashton, Irmak, Paula, as well as Samiye Kudal who was not able to join the performance, all the best in their future musical endeavors, and we look forward to seeing more from them in the future.

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