Look Over the Fence Visit


The FIS is an active member of the Look Over the Fence work group – an alliance of 130 reform-oriented German schools – that shares a common vision for learning experience and development. Collaboratively, we evaluate alternative and progressive ways of learning to meet the individual needs of every student. Our colleagues will visit our classrooms remotely on February 23 to gather evidence for the implementation of the High Quality Learning approach at our school.

At the FIS we aim for an authentic, inquiry based, and creative learning experience incorporating critical thinking for all and each of our students. Our High Quality Learning involves real life tasks to provide our students opportunities to connect directly with the real world. Students utilize prior knowledge, curiosity, and experiences as a basis for their construction of meaning and ability to make connections. Our curriculum offers reflective and critical thinking as well as creativity in exploring ideas leading to an original or interpretive product and/or performance.

The Look Over the Fence visit will offer feedback and is therefore a milestone in our journey towards High Quality Learning. Stay tuned for more updates following the visit.

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