LockDONE: A Poem


Priyankha Kamalakannan follows up from her poem published in the NewsBlog in 2021, with a more optimistic note! COVID may not be over yet but we are certainly pleased to be able to get back to normal in many respects.

The Lockdown’s become past talk,
People are out on the sidewalk.
A big party at 10 o’clock,
Think everybody’s gone amok.

Everyone’s out, and no one’s home,
Now they’re all somewhere like Rome.
The decreasing Covid’s to blame,
For its only lessening fame.

All things have gotten back on track,
There exists no longer a lack.
Back to school, Back to work,
Back to pools, they’re normal rules!

Families relieved, safer from disease,
Vaccinate doses 1 2 3…
Mind and thoughts at an ease,
Our daily heroes worked hard to please.

At a point in time,
Many grappled to breathe,
The countless fights just to be,
We realized the value of being healthy.

But now the days are better,
All the excessive dangers are gone.
Yeah, we did it all together,
We turned LockDOWN into LockDONE.

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