Learner Profile Shoutouts – Update

Over the last weeks, we’ve been celebrating students and staff demonstrating one of the ten attributes of the IB Learner Profile. To get an overview of what the Learner Profile means, the purpose of the Learner Profile Shoutouts, and how the attributes are embodied at the FIS, you can visit this article on our NewsBlog.

The most recent Learner Profile shoutouts went to the following students and staff:

  • Boyan Geogiev and Nele Zeitler in Grade 6 for “Risk-Taker”
  • Charmita Vinnakota and Isobel Solk in Grade 10 for “Risk-Taker”
  • Annika Strauss in Grade 12 for “Risk-Taker”
  • Antonia Kaunart and Darcy Angus in Grade 6 for “Reflective”
  • Natalie Kraetschmar and Maija Tironnen in Grade 10 for “Reflective”
  • Lynley Lysons (FIS Staff) for “Reflective”
  • Carmen Murphy in Grade 6 for “Inquirer”
  • Jady Yan and Thom Greener in Grade 7 for “Inquirer”
  • Miranda Rogers in Grade 11 for “Inquirer”

Miranda Rogers, Grade 11 student, says that for them, being an “inquirer” means questioning the validity of the information that is being presented to you. “I think it is important to have a deep and valuable understanding of the world around you, and this is achieved by questioning how things work, or why a situation is the way it is. The main way in which I think I demonstrate this attribute is through my willingness to question the information I am presented with at school,” Miranda says.

Isobel Solk in Grade 10, shares a reflection on being recognized as a risk-taker. “I feel very honored to have received my recognition from a friend who means a lot to me personally and therefore I am very pleased to be seen in that light. I’m aware that I like to take risks but I was unaware that I do it very often; therefore when I got my recognition it allowed me to understand myself a little bit better. I love taking risks in areas of my life where often people don’t, whether it is in school or outside of school, generally trying to improve my confidence.”

Congratulations to all our students and staff who have been recognized!

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