Kai Funada, G7 Student


“It was a summer filled with some unforgettable moments, all of which have strengthened my passion for baseball. Reflecting back, it all began in my old school in Japan, receiving tickets to baseball matches. Accompanied by my father, and knowing that both my father and grandfather have a love for the game, I decided to start playing baseball.

I started my baseball journey four years ago and now play with the Erlangen White Sox. This May brought a defining moment in my baseball career – an invitation to join the Bayern National Team. I had to go through a rigorous selection process that tested my capabilities from my pitching skills to the homeruns and more. Joining the Bayern National Team was a defining moment. Overcoming the distance from the traditional baseball hubs, my teammates and I conquered the German Championships in June, showcasing the power of teamwork. Our subsequent journey to Poland for the Little League Europe & Africa Region Tournament may not have ended in victory, but the experience taught me invaluable lessons in sportsmanship and resilience.

I readily look ahead to new challenges, embracing the spirit of the game and the camaraderie that fuels it.”

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