Celebrating a Successful First Quarter

As we wrap up an eventful first quarter, we turn our reflections toward the achievements that have brightened our school community. This term, we warmly embraced 140 new students, enriching the FIS family’s diverse fabric. Amidst this expansion, our primary school has been a source of particular pride, successfully launching the phonetics and Big Cat Collins literacy programs, much to the delight of our enthusiastic young learners.

While we acknowledge the challenges presented by global events, including situations in Ukraine and Israel and Gaza, we choose to also focus on the positive dialogues these serious matters have spurred within our corridors. In these discussions, our students have demonstrated maturity and empathy, which align with the values we strive to nurture within our international community.

Moreover, the joy within our school has been palpable despite external tensions. The classroom and online discussions, the camaraderie among students, and the dedicated guidance of our teachers have all contributed to a positive atmosphere that underscores the resilience and spirit of our educational journey.

As you know, this year holds special significance as we celebrate our 25th anniversary. Our Strategic Plan Kickoff session on October 19 embraced this milestone, channeling our collective vision for a future where the FIS continues to be a haven for learning, growth, and unity. We are sincerely grateful to everyone who could attend and infused the discussions with thoughtful insights and forward-looking optimism.

We look forward to further constructive conversations during our Semester 1 Conferences on Thursday, November 9. These forums will celebrate student achievements and set clear pathways for future academic and personal growth.

A reminder as well that from Saturday to Sunday, October 28, the clocks will go back an hour, signaling a shift in seasons and routines.

With the upcoming Fall Break, we encourage the FIS community to take a well-deserved rest. It’s a time to momentarily step back from academic rigors and global concerns, finding joy in simple pleasures and the company of loved ones.

In closing, our school’s inner world this quarter has been one of achievement, unity, and indeed, joy. These are the hallmarks of our FIS community, proving that even in times of external unrest, the spirit of togetherness and the joy of learning can thrive within our walls.

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