International Dot Day at the FIS!


If you haven’t read The Dot, a book by Peter H. Reynolds, then now is the time. The Dot is a story that inspires us to take on challenges, to use our resiliency when things get hard. It is a book that inspires us to stop saying, “I can’t”, and start saying, “I’ll try!”

Vashti, the main character, is inspired by a positive interaction with a teacher. This story captures the power of those positive interactions and the possible ripple effect.

Earlier this week, the Early Years and Elementary School teachers and students at the FIS celebrated International Dot Day. We listened to Mrs. Appel read this thought-provoking book.


Then we expressed our understanding of the message in our own ways. Some wrote about the meaning of the story, some made their own dot, some dove into the word ‘dot’ inquiring into its form and function, and some took on new challenges with a different outlook.

Look out for our dots within the school. We will be putting our unique dots together in a collaborative work of art to symbolize us each coming together making our mark in our community through positive interactions.

Jessica Hertz
1H Homeroom Teacher, Leader of Learning

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