Have You Heard of the “Klötzchenmodell”?


As part of the IBDP course Computer Science, students have to pass an Internal Assessment component. For this, the students have to develop a website, ideally in conjunction with a client.

One of our Grade 12 students, Leon has developed a website that is now being used in German First Language classes in High School. Leon had approached a teacher with an idea, initiated meetings, programmed drafts and refined them over a period of several months. The website was used in the Literature class for trial and Leon went back to the script to alter or improve some of the features. Now, with all functions up and running, it can be used within classes. Multiple people can be logged on at the same time, allowing simultaneous work within class.

While this is a very useful tool for the German Literature classes, above all it is a perfect example of a student using the mandatory assignment in one subject to develop a useful resource for another subject. Leon managed to create his very own interdisciplinary project. Please check out Leon´s work at www.kloetzchenmodell.de.

Stephanie Steinberg
Head of Department German First Language

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