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Mural Art

Through art, we will discover what inspires you and with which colors you connect.

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Comic Book Club

You’ve seen the animation movies but now you get to make your own! Your story can take place whenever or wherever you want.  It could be a magical candy land or even somewhere dark and scary.

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In this course we will get to know the basic steps and rules of classical ballet and work on our posture, our flexibility and our musicality.

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Music Visions

“Music Visions” serves as a music enrichment program for students who identify as musically high-performing.

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This after school activity is about learning the fundamentals of basketball while having lots of fun.

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Would you like to have fun with your friends learning how to play this beautiful sport? If so, join our group!

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Badminton is not only about hitting the shuttle as often as possible!

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You like music, dancing and moving? Then try our class!

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