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Girls Football

Girls will develop basic/intermediate skills that will help with the understanding of football and will have a chance to apply them on mini games.

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Kids in the Kitchen

Discover the joy of healthy cooking with simple, tasty and fun recipes and be able to cook again at home right away !

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Yoga for Grade 3 to 5

Through yoga principles, I teach techniques that promote better concentration and focus, flexibility and movement, self-confidence, and a healthy exploration of what it means to be a child!

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Creative Lab

If you enjoy painting, creating and forming, this is the right class for you. Come along and let’s get creative.

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Multi skills is a fun and inventive way for students to put both their mind and body to the test while learning and understanding the fundamentals of many different games, activities.

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Crochet Junior

If you love doing crafts and enjoy making fun things – come and learn to crochet!

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Forest exploration

This after school activity will take curious 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade kids out into the forest to sharpen their observation skills and provide an introduction to basic plant, bird and other wildlife identification.

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Touch Rugby and Rugby Skills

Come and join this exciting sport for both girls and boys. If your child would like to try a team sport, that incorporates moving the whole body and using the brain, then touch rugby could be it!

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Art Club

We will be learning and experimenting together to make your individual art work to take home and you will also have the opportunity to work on larger scale art work as an art club team.

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Karate for Kids

Would you like to have fun and improve your agility, coordination and concentration? Mr. Rehwald will teach you karate moves as well as its rules and discipline.

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