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Advanced Music Club

Intended for advanced young music-learners, children in this program will explore the joy of music-making through highly interactive music activities that engage the mind, body, and heart.

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This after school activity is about learning the fundamentals of basketball while having lots of fun.

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Badminton is not only about hitting the shuttle as often as possible!

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Join the first ever FIS ASA Handball group, learn and improve the fundamental skills of this awesome team sport.

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German Club

In the German Club we will practice German while having fun through playing games, songs, books, crafts activities and hand puppets.

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Crafts Corner

Experiment and get creative with art materials and recyclable materials!

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English Club

The English Club is there for all those whose mother tongue is a language other than English.

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BMX Course

The Cycle Training BMX School will teach you how to ride a BMX bike!

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