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Advanced Music Club

Intended for advanced young music-learners, children in this program will explore the joy of music-making through highly interactive music activities that engage the mind, body, and heart.

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German Club

In the German Club we will practice German while having fun through playing games, songs, books, crafts activities and hand puppets.

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Crafts Corner

Experiment and get creative with art materials and recyclable materials!

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Music and Sound

In this music and sound club, the children will discover music in all its forms while having fun through appreciation of different music instruments and styles of music, musical games and singing.

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English Club

The English Club is there for all those whose mother tongue is a language other than English.

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With bodybliss we playfully inquire the fluid nature of our anatomy.

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Lego Club

In the Lego Club we will introduce children to the magic of building.

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Arty Crafty Club

Do you want to experiment making with art materials, get creative and have fun making art?

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Yoga Grade 1 and 2

We will discover the seasons, get wrapped up in stories and themes, become a tree, a tiger, a warrior.

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