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Dance Club

Come dance with us! Dancing is a great way for kids to build confidence, body awareness, memory, creativity and strength.

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Crochet Junior

If you love doing crafts and enjoy making fun things – come and learn to crochet!

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Forest exploration

This after school activity will take curious 2nd and 3rd grade kids out into the forest to sharpen their observation skills and provide an introduction to basic plant, bird and other wildlife identification.

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Touch Rugby and Rugby Skills

Come and join this exciting sport for both girls and boys. If your child would like to try a team sport, that incorporates moving the whole body and using the brain, then touch rugby could be it!

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Kung Fu (Shaolin Wing-Chun Chuan)

Shaolin Wing – Chun Chuan is a fast and explosive classic Chinese Kung Fu system. After only a few lessons on system-specific practices, pupils are equipped with the skills necessary to assert themselves in conflict situations.

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Beginning Tumbling

Great for children with lots of energy who are always climbing and bouncing around on the furniture!

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Arty Crafty Club

Do you want to experiment making with art materials, get creative and have fun making art?

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Fun Yoga

A fun class of stretching, deeper breathing, being calm, balancing and feeling special!

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