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The Acting Club

If you enjoy reading, listening to stories, making crafts (such as masks and props), and doing a bit of acting, this club is for you!

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Girls Football

Girls will develop basic/intermediate skills that will help with the understanding of football and will have a chance to apply them on mini games.

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Dance Club

Come dance with us! Dancing is a great way for kids to build confidence, body awareness, memory, creativity and strength.

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Lego Club

In the Lego Club we will introduce children to the magic of building.

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Crochet Junior

If you love doing crafts and enjoy making fun things – come and learn to crochet!

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Kung Fu (Shaolin Wing-Chun Chuan) – New!

Shaolin Wing – Chun Chuan is a fast and explosive classic Chinese Kung Fu system. After only a few lessons on system-specific practices, pupils are equipped with the skills necessary to assert themselves in conflict situations.

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Arty Crafty Club

Do you want to experiment making with art materials, get creative and have fun making art?

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Karate for Kids

Would you like to have fun and improve your agility, coordination and concentration? Mr. Wittmann will teach you karate moves as well as its rules and discipline.

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Yoga for Grade 1 and 2

Every class offered will be filled with yoga poses, games, stories, and songs to help children improve their self-confidence, body awareness and concentration; a healthy exploration of what it means to be a child!

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