Grade 9: Winter Sports Trip


This week our Grade 9 classes are at their grade level trip, which is a winter sport trip to Speikboden, South Tyrol in Italy. We collected voices and opinions of some key participants.

What is your impression of this trip?

Grade 9 Students:

Thus far my impressions of this ski trip are all positive, the instructors I have met are all super nice and everyone seems to be improving really quickly. In my group of beginner snowboarders I’m surprised at how much we have managed to learn in such a short period of time. There have been a lot of falls but we are all having fun and are helping each other as we go along. There are a few things that are harder especially when we are too scared of falling because we have been falling more times than I can count. It’s safe to say that it can be very painful. No matter what happens, everyone always manages to get back up and just keep on going. One person who is in my group decided on the first day that he is obsessed with snowboarding and loves it far more than he does skiing. I think everyone is having fun in their own groups and I personally love my group because we are so supportive of each other and are constantly having fun and laughing with each other.

Lila Jones, Snowboarder Beginners Group


It’s really fun! I have a good group that supports each other. There have been many interesting conversations between the students that would not usually take place. I’m not skiing with all my friends but I managed to get on well with everyone.

Leya Plischke, Skier Intermediate Group


Amazing! I didn’t think I would survive after the first session but after lunch I felt like I was making a lot of progress. No risk no fun – you need to trust the process and go with the flow.

Aelia Adrian, Skier Beginners Group


I’m happy with how the trip is going. The improvement from my ski skills from the first day to the next day was immense. I like the group that I’m in and it’s the right level for me. The hotel is really nice with great food.

 Zeyad El Zawy, Skier Beginners Group


Teachers and Ski Instructors:

This is a very challenging trip with weather conditions, different levels of ski and snowboarding experiences and physical challenges but this is actually a positive. The groups are assigned according to level and this means the students are not necessarily with their friends. It has been great to see new friendships develop and students getting closer as a year group. The evening programs are where you see them connecting and they have had so much fun that they asked for certain activities like more game nights and Karaoke night.

The group has come such a long way in the last couple of days where they have formed new friendships and are now coming together as a grade level. There is a space for everyone in the group. I’m very proud of how they have handled themselves so far on this trip.

Fay Akin, FIS Teacher


I have seven students and they are all progressing very well and quite fast. It usually takes longer, but this group of students is really good. They listen, they all do what I ask them to do, they work very well together and you can see they are interested in learning and improving their skills. It’s really nice to work with students that speak English, since we mostly have people that speak either German or Italian so it is like a new challenge for me.

Being in nature, working with people and seeing how they progress; it never gets boring because every group is different, every day is different and that makes it exciting. Of course, some days are very cold and we spend six to seven hours outdoors and that is the major challenge we face as ski/snowboard instructors.

Doris, Ski Instructor – Beginners


It‘s been simply amazing to be back on the slopes after three years. And having 45 smiley faces on the bus every morning singing on their way out in an extreme cold just confirms what a great success the Grade 9 Winter Sports Week is. ❣️

Mila Fischer, Trip Leader

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