Grade 1: Students Make Toys


Grade 1 IPC Unit “The Magic Toymaker” is an inquiry into how and why toys are made.

The students created toys using recycled materials. The process began with outlining the design cycle, and working on developing and improving their designs.

They learned that toys can be made from anything! Varda, 1B student who created a water scooper with a boat attached to it, explains her choice of materials: “I knew that plastic doesn’t sink. So the boat made of plastic can stay in the water and when you move it, water collects in the scooper.”

The activity was related to the IPC personal goals of Resilience and Adaptability. By reusing materials from home rather than throwing them away, the students could do their bit to help the planet.

“It is better to use these materials for the toys as we don’t need them anymore,” says another student, Annabelle, who made snow globes and a bathtub with things like pipe cleaners and discarded plastic containers.

The children also created toys for each other by finding out what their friends enjoyed playing with.

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