Grade 8 Visits Deutsches Museum

MYP3 students have been building on their inventions investigated in MYP2 to further their understanding of the statement of inquiry:

“Technological innovations have different effects on our identities and relationships with others”

So far we have explored the use of technology and how this integrates with media literacy as a platform for sharing experiences and knowledge. This has led us to the point of looking at future technologies and their use to help us achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Lily and Lila both expressed, “Before we arrived at the Museum we thought that would be another boring trip to a dull museum. Though going through the five sections gave us lots of opportunities to interact with technology and see how technology is changing our interactions now and in the future.”

Aksh and Nirek were asked what they found most interesting about the museum and how they connected the museum to the other subject areas. Aksh gave a speech during the TEDxYouth@TFIS talks in Grade 7 which clearly shows his passion for the use of technology to solve environmental problems and build on his previous learning.

Aksh said, “Exploring the different technology that is already available such as satellites and the technology used to catch and purify water from fog. But what I noticed is that AI really struggles to tell the age of Grade 8 students. I found it interesting how easy it was to connect the technology to Design and also to Science, especially through earth systems.”

“The Deutsches Museum was a lot more interactive than I thought it was going to be. It wasn’t just a bunch of stuff behind glass with lots of reading,” Nirek added.

Overall it appears that our first trip to MYP3 Individuals and Societies, since COVID restrictions have relaxed, was a success and we look forward to developing our conceptual and contextual understandings of the statement of inquiry further as part of the unit.

Scott Simpson and Lina Nikolova
MYP3 Individuals and Societies

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